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Greek apricots and peaches available in a wide variety of quality, cuts and packages

Greek Apricots

Apricot basic's

Apricot crop period in June is very short. Advance contact is required in order to reserve your quantities.

Apricot variety used: "Bebeco"
Apricot production season: June

Peach production season:
Mid-July - early September. here

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Canned Apricots - halves, in light or heavy syrup

We produce and pack high quality "Bebeko" variety Apricots to cover the most demanding customer. Available in tins and Jars. For the jar production advance notice needed.
Country of Origin:GREECE
Cut options:halves - slices
Brix options:light (14-16) or heavy (17-19) syrup
Container (size): ½ tin (et), A2 ½ (1kg), A9 (European 3kg), A10, A12
Self life:3 years from production date

Can sizes availability:

  • ½ kg (14oz) Net weight 420g
  • 1 kg (29oz) Net weight 820g
  • A9 Net weight 2,6 kg
  • A10 Net weight 3 kg
  • A12 Net weight 4,2 kg

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Apricots in Jar. Halves, in light or heavy syrup. Advance notice required.

Jar Availability: 720ml, 580ml, 550ml orchio glass. Halves Choice quality for your demanding customers.

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Apricot history:

The apricot, Prunus armeniaca, is a species of Prunus, classified with the plum in the subgenus Prunus. The native range is somewhat uncertain due to its extensive prehistoric cultivation. Its introduction to Greece is attributed to Alexander the Great and the Roman General Lucullus (106–57 B.C.) also exported some trees – the cherry, white heart cherry, and apricot – from Armenia to Europe. Subsequent sources were often confused about the origin of the species.
Loudon (1838) believed it had a wide native range including Armenia, Caucasus, the Himalaya, China, and Japan.
Today in Greece, Apricots are planned all over the country. Main production regions are in Makedonia and Thessaly as well as northern Peloponesse.